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Meal plan for free

What is Meal Planning?

Meal planning is a tool that puts you in the driver’s seat of your food and nutrition

It’s the art of planning our meals for the week, usually around a particular goal, and helps us all to break down the barriers to food freedom.
Plan once and plan right
A couple of minutes meal planning can save you hours each week.
Spend less on groceries
Shop only what you need, compare grocery prices, avoid frivolous spend.
Reduce food waste
Stretch your grocery budget by using up all the food you purchase

Meal Planning with MenuAid

Find your recipes
Discover new recipes that fit your goals, tastes or preferences, or stick with tried and true favourites for you and the family. With over 1,000 recipes (and growing!) you’re never stuck for choice
Build your list
Once you’ve got your plan, we’ll build a “done for you” shopping list, with everything you need sorted and categorised. Add in extras you need, remove those you don’t
Compare grocery prices
Whether your goal or not, saving money is important. We’ll let you compare the cost of your grocery list across all major supermarkets in New Zealand.
Instantly shop
Found the cheapest groceries? We’ll send your list right to your selected store to be delivered to your door. Prefer to shop in-store? We got you covered. Take your list with you!
Get cooking!
The fun stuff! Enjoy clear, uncluttered cooking with recipes created by expert Kiwi chefs, build your skills in the kitchen, and let your culinary creativity flourish.

Who should Meal Plan?

Simply put: everyone.

Meal planning isn’t one-size-fits-all. It can be used to plan each and every aspect of our diet, or just the odd meal each week to use up leftover ingredients.

Meal planning is made to work for you.

MenuAid has taken away the pain of weekly menu thinking and planning from my busy schedule. With its recipes, planner and shopping list I’m no longer making multiple trips to the supermarket and not buying easy, convenience meals. Meals are healthy, tasty and easy to make, and the family is loving them!
We've used menuaid for months now and it's great. It's nice to be given the new recipes every week, but also it's great to be able to search recipes (if I have a vegetable that needs eating etc). It means we're not stuck in a food rut and there's always inspiration.
MenuAid is fantastic and would 100% recommend. I love the variety of recipes and the addition of suggested menu plan too. It's a fantastic alternative to Hello Fresh.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of meal planning?

Meal planning helps you to save time and money, reduce stress, and builds healthier eating habits. 

Planning your meals for the week helps you to streamline your grocery shopping, minimise food waste, and ensure a well-balanced diet throughout the week. 

Meal planning can also be further tailored to your particular goals. Looking to cut out gluten, eat more protein for sport, or just to break out of eating the same weekly meals? Meal planning is an invaluable tool to get you started.

Does meal planning really save me money?

Short answer: yep! Meal planning is a powerful tool for cutting down on or stretching your grocery budget. 

With MenuAid, you can create personalised meal plans and shopping lists based on your chosen recipes. By knowing exactly what you need to buy, you can avoid impulse purchases and make the most of sales, discounts and seasonal produce. 

MenuAid's smart shopping also allows you to compare prices across all major grocery stores, ensuring you get the best deals and the most savings.

Is meal planning cheaper than meal kits?

Absolutely. While meal-kits offer convenience with pre-portioned ingredients, they often come with a premium price tag when compared with meal planning.

Meal planning allows you to tailor your recipes, ingredients and groceries to any budget.

MenuAid's smart shopping feature can help you compare prices across multiple stores, ensuring you get the best deals, and making sure you get the meal-kit experience at supermarket prices.

I have a busy schedule. Can meal planning actually make my life easier?

Meal planning is a lifesaver for busy folks (like you!) With a good meal plan, you eliminate the stress of figuring out what to cook each day. 

You can prep ingredients in advance, cook once for both dinners and lunch, or use utilise leftovers for a quick, easy meal. The result? More time for yourself, less time spent worrying about dinner, and a well-deserved sense of accomplishment.

In fact, MenuAid users save themselves roughly around 2 hours each week.

Can meal planning help me to eat better?

Meal planning is your secret weapon for eating better. When you plan your meals in advance, you have control over what goes on your plate. 

You can choose nutrient-dense ingredients, incorporate more fruits and veggies, and tailor your meals to fit your dietary goals or restrictions. It's like having a personal nutritionist right in your kitchen!

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