A Festive Family Feast.
For Less.

Make Christmas effortless with our FREE 3-course festive meal plan, using seasonal groceries costing just $25 per head.

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Make your celebrations
more affordable.

Let our team of expert Kiwi chefs take the stress out of your Christmas cooking. Discover our full 3-course meal plan the family will love, including step-by-step recipes and a complete Christmas shopping list done for you.

All for no more than $25 per head.

And we’re giving it away for free — helping you to focus on what’s important:
Family, friends & food.
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What's on the menu?

You'll get our free hand-crafted plan for everything below — with all ingredients for just $25 per head!

 (That’s up to 50% cheaper than common Christmas meal kit providers!)
Spiced Party Nuts
Caprese Bruschetta
Avocado & Prawn Cocktails
Summer Vegetable Tart
Festive Roast Chicken + Stuffing
Summer Radish & Red Onion Slaw
New Potatoes with Herb Butter
Strawberry & White Chocolate Shortcake
Get the plan for free

How it works.



Join MenuAid for FREE to get access to our festive meal plan — select the whole plan, or just the dishes you want, and we'll add all of the ingredients you need to a smart shopping list for you.


Using our smart list, connect to any major supermarket in New Zealand to get your groceries delivered to your door, or take your smart list with you in-store!


Cook up a festive feast the family will love — all without breaking the bank.


How much does your meal plan cost?

The plan itself cost absolutely nothing!

You can view, shop and cook the plan completely free. But, of course, you will need to buy the groceries.

Our recipe team here at MenuAid have worked tirelessly to make our plan the most affordable option for Kiwis.

The groceries required should cost no more than $25 per person, or $150 total for 6 adults.

My groceries came to more than $25/person. What gives?

Unfortunately, supermarkets are changing their prices all of the time.

We've carefully crafted our meal plan to use seasonal and affordable ingredients, which shouldn't change price. But if the supermarkets do decide to raise their prices, we'll do our best to account for this.

Another factor is the brands you choose. We've based our pricing around common, everyday brands that the average Kiwi would use, instead of premium options.

Is your Christmas meal plan cheaper than meal kit options?

Yes - it is! Up to twice as cheap, in fact. 

Comparatively, the cheapest Christmas meal kit option is Bargain Box, which offers their Christmas box at $37.50 per person (for 8 people).

Our MenuAid festive meal plan can be moulded to fit any budget by picking the ingredients affordable for you.

How do I get my groceries?

Once you’ve got the plan, we'll create you an automatic shopping list of all of the ingredients you need in the correct amounts.

You then have a few options for shopping: we can connect your list directly with any major supermarket to get online groceries delivered straight to your door. Or, shop locally in store, with your butchers or at the farmer's market.

Does the plan include vegetarian options?

It does indeed!

The meal plan includes 1x Vegetarian starter, and 1x Vegetarian main. 

Opting only for the vegetarian options will significantly reduce the cost per person as well (meaning you could look to incorporate some of your own favourite Vegetarian dishes, too!)
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